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seo expert
seo specialist


Professional SEO Services with first Page Results

Why SEO?

Buyers are using the web to find your product or service daily. If you are not on the 1st page on these searches, your missing out on a potential sale.

SEO is the most cost effective form of advertising ever. It is the only form of advertising that gives you targeted buyers that are looking for your product or service..

Without SEO, buyers will never find your web site. Most users never go past the 1st page. So even if your site is in position 50 out of 3 million competing pages, it might as well be in position 3 million.

Your competition is aggressively reaping the benefits of being in the 1st page. Why shouldn't you?

I'm here to help you reap the benefits of being in the 1st page of an Organic search. I provide professional SEO service and adhere to Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

I have 4 US Patents in the field of Computer Hardware Design and Software caching Algorithms. You can view them here:

Call me direct at 1-702-425-1448 to discuss your needs or go ahead and get an instant quote for your keyword search terms.

leo_b_pic SEO Expert
Leo Berenguel



Marty Sharpe

Thanks Leo for doing a great job on all my search terms. All 3 terms are in the No. 1 spot... I can't thank you enough.
Former Olympic Athlete
Bay Area, California


David Moss

Thanks for a wonderful job in creating my website. The flash and game presentation hits my target audience. Your SEO work is unbelievable. Thanks again for getting all my search terms in the top 3 of Google.Las Vegas, Nevada

smart eload

I could not believe my website being in the first page of Google in only 10 days. I went from making nothing to getting orders daily from my website. This is the best investment I have made. You will be highly recommended to all my associates for your service and affordability.
Las Vegas, Nevada